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    The three volumes of the “Investment Banking Interview Preparation Pack” were designed to help, in a mentoring-style, undergraduate and MBA students secure analyst or associate positions in M&A at top financial institutions, whether bulge bracket or boutique investment banks. Mark Hatz’s unique approach to investment banking interview preparation is to have candidates focus on the interview questions they are guaranteed to be asked at some point of the interview process, and offer insider advice on what professionals would expect to hear in the candidates’ answers for their performance to be considered successful.

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    MARK HATZ is an entrepreneur, co-founder of a boutique investment bank focused on emerging markets, based in London and Paris. Mark started his career at Goldman Sachs and Perella Weinberg Partners, and worked in London, Paris and Dubai. He holds a Masters degree in Management from ESCP Europe.


    Mark has a solid understanding of the investment banking interview process. He participated in recruiting analysts at Perella Weinberg in London as well as full-time associates most recently at a boutique investment bank in Dubai. His recruiting experience also draws on the dozens of interviews He got out of college with various financial institutions such as Moelis, Greenhill, Evercore, Blackstone, Rothschild, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan, to name a few.

  • VOLUME 1

    • 35 pages of questions, explanations, practical advice and mock answers

    VOLUME 2

    • 82 pages of questions and their structured answers. 3 Parts:
    • Accounting
    • Valuation (multiples, DCF, LBO analysis, APV, EVA), capital structure and returns analysis
    • Merger Analysis

    VOLUME 3

    • 158 pages
    • 4 numeracy tests, 1 logical reasoning test and 1 checking test (answer key included)
    • 1 corrected valuation case study (assessment center format)
    • Brainteasers (role plays, mental math, logical problems and market sizing questions)

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